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The Chicha Art Project is a charitable organisation whose mission is to create art workshops for underprivileged young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Lima, Peru. Chicha Art aims to inspire, motivate and empower young people through art.

For the duration of 3 months we teach the participants various art techniques, visit museums, galleries and artists ateliers which under normal circumstances would be out of their reach. Respected Peruvian artists are also invited as guests to each programme to share their experience and techniques. 
Chicha Art highlights the importance of the art of Chicha Culture in Peru.

The Chicha Art Project is a new initiative, founded in London by Peruvian art director Elke Hanspach and Karin Hanspach (based in Lima) in collaboration with the British registered charity The Anglo Peruvian Society and the Peruvian non-profit organization Alto Peru.



The Chicha Art Project is supported by the Anglo Peruvian Society, a registered charity founded in 1961 to advance the education of the people of Great Britain about Peru. It supports many charities and research projects in Peru.

“The Anglo Peruvian Society takes pride in supporting small self - help projects which are well run by committed individuals in Peru in close contact with British based collaborators. Alto Peru has all these ingredients and is run with delightful enthusiasm by a strong and effective group of young Peruvian volunteers with a modern and carefully considered approach. The mentoring of young street children by such role models is already having a transformative effect on their lives.”
Halam Murray, Chairman of The Anglo Peruvian Society



The art workshops are being run by Alto Peru, a non-profit organization founded in 2008. Alto Peru works on creating both sports and art workshops as an initiative to instil moral values in a disadvantaged neighbourhood where people face many risks and few opportunities. Their objective is to create new avenues of development and future livelihood for the children and youths of today and tomorrow.
www.altoperu.org www.facebook.com/altoperusurf

 “Today the children and young people of Alto Peru, face the challenge of living in a complex and divided urban environment. We are convinced that through art, this new generation of Alto Peru, will find an opportunity to work with their cultural heritage and view things from a different perspective. These workshops will empower them to face their future with creativity”
Diego Villaran, Founder of Alto Peru Project